FIOD arrests man behind website where coronavirus ordered …

The tax investigation service FIOD arrested a man on Friday morning who is associated with the website ‘’, where the virus could be ordered in a tube in order to self-contaminate. He is accused of fraud.

Via the website one could order a ‘corona kit’ with a tube ‘full of virus’ with which the buyer could infect himself. Photo for illustration.

Via the website one could order a ‘corona kit’ with a tube ‘full of virus’ with which the buyer could infect himself. Photo for illustration.? ANP/HH

On the website in question, you could order a so-called ‘corona kit’ for € 33.50, with which the buyer could infect himself with the Covid-19 virus. According to the website, everything needed for a deliberate contamination would simply be delivered by post. After you have infected yourself, a test at the GGD would first be positive and later, when you are cured again, negative. With a cure certificate from the GGD, people would then be able to regain access to nightlife without vaccination.

Huge risks

The Health and Youth Care Inspectorate (IGJ) already announced last month that it would take steps against the people behind the website, who touted their services with the slogan: ‘Do you want to determine for yourself when you become infected with the coronavirus? With the corona kit you can make that choice yourself!’ According to the website, the virus that was sent was not older than three months, ‘so you can be sure that the latest mutations and variants have also been included’.

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The kit included a tube containing a liquid with the coronavirus and a self-test to subsequently determine the infection.

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The inspection called the initiative humiliating. “The coronavirus is dangerous. It can make you seriously ill. And you can infect others, who in turn can become seriously ill. Anyone who infects themselves deliberately endangers public health,” said Margreeth Fernhout of IGJ. The website in question has since been taken offline by the hosting provider.

2G Policy

“With this deliberate contamination, the suspect was probably responding to the 2G policy. This means that one must be either vaccinated or declared cured of corona to obtain a QR code,” said a spokeswoman for the FIOD.

The arrested man was released after questioning on Friday. According to the FIOD spokeswoman, he is accused of fraud. The investigative service does not wish to make any further announcements in connection with the ongoing investigation of the Functional Public Prosecutor’s Office.


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