FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly group scenarios: A “wanted” victory in the Congo paves the way for Al-Ahmar to the fore

The competition in the first group of the African Champions League flared up after Al-Ahly lost to Simba Tanzania 1-0 in the second round.

As well as the Congolese Vita Club victory away from Sudan’s Al-Merrikh 4-1.

Simba is the only one at the top of the group with 6 points, followed by Vita Club in second place with 3 points, then Al-Ahly in third place with the same score, and finally Mars without points. reviews with you Al-Ahly group scenarios until the last round, and how the red team qualifies at the top.

The third round

Al-Ahly receives the Congolese Vita Club team in Cairo, and in the same round, Simba comes out to face Al-Merrikh.

And considering that Al-Ahly will win all its matches at home, it will score 3 points against Vita Club, to reach point 6.

The closest thing would be Simba’s victory away from Al-Merrikh, who also lost at home 4-1 to Vita Club.

After the end of the third round, the group ranking will be in the lead with 9 points, then Al-Ahly in second place with 6 points.

The fourth round

Al-Ahly will go out to face Vita Club in the Congo, and Simba will receive the Al-Merreikh team in Tanzania.

Al-Ahly will have to win against Vita at home to reach point 9, because the closest will be Simba’s victory over Mars, the weakest in the group.

After the end of the fourth round, Simba reached 12 points in the lead and guaranteed qualification, followed by Al-Ahly in second place with 9 points.

Then Vita Club is in third place with 3 points, and Mars is fourth with no points.

What if Al-Ahly did not win the Vita Club?

If Al-Ahly does not win away from Vita and the match ends in a draw, the red team will reach Point 7 and remain in second place behind Simba.

The balance of Vita will increase to Point 4.

But things will change in the fifth round when Vita goes to face Simba in Tanzania, and by a large percentage he will lose, to raise Simba to point 15.

Al-Ahly will also go to Sudan to face Al-Merrikh, and according to what the Sudanese team showed in the first two rounds, the Red Genie will be preferred to win, bringing his score to point 12 in second place in the event that he beats Vita outside his stadium in the third round.

In the event that Al-Ahly tied with Vita, the red team would reach point 10 and would also qualify officially for the 8th round of the tournament.

In the worst circumstances, and if Al-Ahly loses against Vita, the two teams will be equal in points with a score of 6 each.

Round the centers ranking

There are 3 possibilities before the final round of the group, which is that Al-Ahly will face Simba, who is a winner, loser, or tied with Vita in the fourth round.

The first possibility – Al-Ahly’s victory over Vita

Considering that Al-Ahly defeated the Vita Club outside the stadium and accepted it on the Sudanese Al-Merrikh, and considering that Simba won over the two teams as well.

Simba will have 15 points and Al-Ahly 12 before the final round match, which will be held at Cairo Stadium.

Here, Al-Ahly will be required to beat Simba by more than one goal, to occupy the top of the group with the advantage of direct confrontations after losing one goal in Tanzania.

And any result other than Al-Ahly winning by more than one goal would mean that Simba will end the group at the top.

Therefore, Al-Ahly’s victory over Vita in the Congo is necessary in order for the red team to get closer to the top of the group.

The second possibility – the loss of Al-Ahly from Vita

If Al-Ahly loses from Vita in the fourth round, it will have 9 points, given that it won over the Congolese team in Cairo and Al-Merrikh in Sudan.

Given that Simba surpassed Vita, the Congolese team will have 6 points before the last round.

And at that time Al-Ahly will be required to beat Simba to qualify in second place behind the Tanzanian team.

The third possibility – Al-Ahly tied with Vita

Here, Al-Ahly will enter the sixth round, with 10 points, and Vita will have 7 points from the balance.

Just as Al-Ahly will be required to win in the second possibility, they will also have to win against Simba in Cairo with any result to qualify in second place.



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