Fifteen high school students from La Briquerie embark on the Eurobots project to Romania from Thionville.

From Thionville to Luxembourg airport by minibus, then the plane to Bucharest, the capital, before heading for the coastal town of Constanţa. Fifteen high school students from La Briquerie left for a seven-day trip to Romania, a linguistic and technical stay combining visits, culture and exchanges of methods and practices related to robotics. Schooled in separate classes, but all enrolled in the robot club, they work to create machines during two weekly lunch breaks. On site, joined by their Austrian counterparts, the Thionvillois will find Romanian high school students, also passionate about robotics. A common denominator allowing them to communicate in the same language, English, on the same subject, robots. “We are in a technical high school, on innovation, we have students test certain things who apply what they learn”, explains Nathalie Dellese, librarian teacher.

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