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[FETV] LEGO Group and Epic Games launch their first joint game ‘LEGO Fortnite’

[FETV=최명진 기자] LEGO Group has launched a new game ‘LEGO Fortnite’ in collaboration with Epic Games.

This new work is the first digital play experience created through a long-term partnership between the two companies. It was developed to create a fun and safe digital space for both children and families. A survival crafting game that lets you explore a vast open world where LEGO building meets Fortnite, and encourages creativity, experimentation, and cooperation through gameplay.

Players use Fortnite characters created in the LEGO style to collect food and resources, craft items, build shelters, recruit residents to their village, and fight with friends against enemies that attack at night. Equip yourself and jump into caves to collect rare resources or search for hidden areas and enemies.

Produced with Unreal Engine 5, it builds a vast and detailed environment, and also features the ability to place, assemble, and disassemble Lego bricks just like in the real world. Using ‘World Partition’, we stream the entire 95 square kilometers of playable space, which is 19 times the size of the existing Fortnite Battle Royale island, and use the Procedural Content Generation (PCG) framework to create detailed environments. Provided dynamically.

In 2024, gameplay features and more Lego-style costumes will be updated starting from the beginning of the year. Several additional LEGO-themed games that can be played in Fortnite will also be released.

LEGO Fortnite is for ages 12 and up. More detailed information can be found on the LEGO Group’s official website and Fortnite’s official cafe.

“From the beginning, our partnership with LEGO and Epic Games has been focused on providing fun and safe digital play experiences with children in mind,” said Nils Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group. “This connects physical play with the digital world to inspire children. “We will provide the potential to give, and we hope that other creators and brands will receive the same inspiration,” he said.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said, “‘LEGO Fortnite’ gives players a new way to express themselves by building their own world, and is a very important first step in the evolution of the Fortnite ecosystem.” “We look forward to working with the LEGO Group to build immersive digital play spaces that all players, including children, can enjoy.”

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