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Featherweight Takes New Musical Genre by Storm and Advertised in Times Square

Hassan Emilio Kabandebetter known as FeatherweightAt the age of 23, he has managed to do what very few artists do: appear in an advertising space on the main streets of the Times Square Seventh Avenue in New York. He has achieved this by working hard and, of course, taking a new musical genre by storm: the lying down corridos.

The one who is now the greatest exponent in this genre along with Natanael Cano has achieved internationalize the genre and, in fact, his fame has been such that he has even recently collaborated with Bizarrap on a song that has quickly climbed to favorites on music platforms. Let’s remember that Bizarrap worked with artists of the stature of Residente and Shakira.

This is how Featherweight is advertised in New York’s Times Square

In recent days, images have been shared on social networks about the advertising of Featherweight, also called Doble P. And it is that these photos are special if we consider that, until a year ago, the artist was not even known in Mexico.

In these images, it can be seen that in a building located in the Times Square Seventh Avenue, New Yorkan area that is plagued with this type of spectacular announcements, is the face of Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija.

The collaboration with Bizarrewas part of the sessions that the Argentine producer does and who has previously had artists of the size of Shakira, Residente, Duki or Paulo Londra as guests.

This session was number 55 and unlike the previous ones, it is one of the few that does not have music related to urban genres, such as trap, rap or reggaeton, but rather faithful to the ‘Double P’ style, its beat is corridos lying down

In just under 24 hours of uploading this session to YouTubethe video is close to reaching 20 million views on this platform.

This figure still keeps the latest release by the Mexican from the numbers that their productions usually reach on these digital platforms, and which are close to 80 million or even exceed 500 million, as is the case with She dances Alonein collaboration with Armed Link.

With this, the Mexican artist continues to stand out among emerging artists, having a high chance of becoming one of the breakout artist of the year.

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