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Fears of Disease and Viruses in Algeria: Rumors of Ebola Outbreak Due to Rising Temperatures

Fears of diseases and viruses in Algeria with rising temperatures

On social media, news spread about the spread of a dangerous and contagious disease in Algeria.

Users on social media have spoken over the past two days about the spread of a “strange disease” or “deadly virus” in Algerian states, including Blida, while others have indicated that the epidemic is Ebola.

And the Algerian authorities published data during the last hours regarding the circulation of news on social media about the spread of a “strange disease” in the central states of the country.

And the health department in the state blunt It issued an official statement denying the emergence of any strange disease that caused the death of citizens.

The Directorate of Health stated that the deaths were caused by the record high temperatures in the central states of the country.

It was also issued by the Ministry of Health statementIn it, she confirmed that no Ebola virus infection had been recorded in the country, explaining that following the continued circulation of some incorrect information related to the existence of cases of Ebola virus infection and Marburg hemorrhagic fever in Algeria, no case of these diseases had been registered to date at the national level.

The Ministry of Health also recommended the need to take all precautions, not be exposed to sunlight, drink plenty of water, and stay in shade areas away from heat, especially for the elderly and children.


The World Health Organization defines Ebola as “a rare, but severe, disease that affects humans, and is often fatal,” adding that infection occurs through individuals touching infected animals when preparing, cooking, or eating them, or the infected person’s body fluids such as saliva, urine, or feces. or semen.

Infection is also through touching “things that contain the body fluids of an infected person, such as clothing, and the Ebola virus enters the body through cuts in the skin, or when touching the eyes, nose, or mouth.”

Early symptoms of the disease include fever, fatigue and headache. Some types of Ebola can be prevented with vaccines and can be treated with medication.

The death rate of cases infected with Ebola virus disease is about 50 percent, according to the United Nations organization.

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