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FCA loses 2-0 to Wolfsburg – News Augsburg, Allgäu and Ulm

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Compared to the game against BVB, there were three changes in the FCA starting line-up: Gumny and Pedersen moved into the starting line-up for Oxford (bench) and Iago (ankle injury), Gladbach loan Bénes celebrated its debut in the FCA jersey and ousted Richter to the bench.

Slow start of the game

At the beginning the Wolfsburg tried it with long balls and after a good ten minutes they had a first good opportunity through Weghorst, on the other hand Hahn tried it (13th minute), but put the ball well over the goal. The first half an hour of the game was otherwise relatively restrained until Caligiuri had the best chance so far in the 33rd minute, but failed due to Casteels.

Weghorst meets again

Shortly thereafter, Weghorst met after a lightning-fast counterattack by the guests – after a pass from Gerhardt, the striker skillfully struck into the far corner and scored his 14th goal of the season. Shortly after the break, Baku then increased to 2-0, but the goal was withdrawn after video evidence because the Wolfsburg came offside.

Wolfsburg hit denied

After just under an hour, Baku shot in for the second time – and this time the goal counted! The ball slipped over Weghorst when a cross from Otavio was picked up, but with the necessary amount of luck, the game device flew on the far post on the foot of Baku, who executed from close range.

In the meantime Jensen and Richter had come into the game, but the doorbell rang again on the other side: Arnold shot in from ten meters without being pushed – but again the goal didn’t count! Again it was Baku, who had been slightly offside before and probably deflected the ball slightly before the impact. But even so, the wolves didn’t let anything burn and deservedly won 2-0.

So it goes on

FC Augsburg will be playing at RB Leipzig next Friday at 8:30 p.m., while Wolfsburg will only receive Borussia Mönchengladbach on Sunday evening (6:00 p.m.). –

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