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FC Schalke 04 in Big Trouble: Effenberg Expresses Concerns and Hopes for Bundesliga Return

14th place, only two points ahead of a direct relegation zone and weak performances: FC Schalke 04 is in big trouble. If the poor form continues, there is even a risk of relegation to league three and thus a sporting knockout

This situation is not only difficult for those responsible and the fans. Football legends from other clubs are also worried about the former top club. Stefan Effenberg now expresses his concerns about FC Schalke 04.

FC Schalke 04: Effenberg acknowledges appearances “with crying eyes”.

Seven wins, two draws and twelve defeats – that is the shocking balance of the S04 season after 21 games. The situation is precarious and Royal Blue is threatened with relegation to the third division at the end of the season. A scenario that hardly any football fan in Germany can imagine.

Even Effenberg can hardly imagine this scenario. According to his own statement, he is finding it increasingly difficult to follow the Royal Blues’ performances. He noted Schalke’s performance “with tears in his eyes,” as he revealed to “WAZ” in an interview.

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“A team like FC Schalke, which actually always has to play in the Bundesliga, which plays games like this hurts me as a football fan,” added the former national player.

Effenberg hopes for the S04 to return to the Bundesliga

The 55-year-old is said to have been close to becoming a coach at Schalke almost ten years ago. Back when S04 were still regular guests in the European Cup and were German runners-up behind FC Bayern several times. But ultimately the collaboration failed in the last few meters.

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The days of international business are long gone and yet Effenberg hopes that So4 can build on it again and “that they will stabilize quickly and stay in the league.” And maybe return to the Bundesliga next year.” A return to the top German league However, the league is currently out of the question at Berger Feld.


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