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FC Bayern Separates from Tuchel: Impact on Squad Planning and Future of Players

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FC Bayern separates from Tuchel: impact on squad planning

The step that has now been taken not only creates unrest in Leverkusen and simplifies the search for a Tuchel successor. It also simplifies squad planning. Tuchel’s wishes for a Holding Six and a Ronald Araujo no longer need to be pursued. This may save FC Bayern from high transfer losses, for example in the event of an expensive Araujo signing and a simultaneous emergency sale of de Ligt – before Tuchel has to leave.

Players who are dissatisfied under Tuchel, such as de Ligt, but also Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka and Mathys Tel, no longer have to make their future considerations dependent on the coach. At the same time, they have the last chance to recommend themselves for a future in Munich in the rest of the season. In his statement, CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen “explicitly” took the team “to task”. After all, because of their performance, they have the next proven top coach after Julian Nagelsmann on their conscience.

Given the announced separation, the risk of explosion in Munich is now increasing: Kimmich and Co. no longer have any reason to hide their actual opinion about the coach. Tuchel is now a lame duck, that is beyond question. Public criticism or blame has become significantly more likely.

However, it is questionable whether the players in question should afford this. In public opinion, it is ultimately they who are responsible for the current misery – and not Tuchel. Although his FC Bayern project, which was only intended for the medium term, has failed: everything points to the first titleless season in twelve years.

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