Favorite young man “Kaew Kalaya”, a young rubber hitting player under Khon Kaen Star VC (photo)

Considered to be another favorite of the fans Thai rubber ball for “Thip” Kaew Kalaya Kmulthala Thai girl volleyball player Who decided to move back to play in our home with Khon Kaen Star VC, the former agency in the Thai League.

By the 26-year-old youngster, recently expired from his contract with JT Marvelous, the country’s highest professional volleyball club.Japanese (V-League) in May of the past before deciding to return to play in our home again.

Which works in the opening game of the season “Red Dino” Khon Kaen Star VC has been beautifully defeated “Mahakan Pheasant” 3BB Nakornnon can go 3-0 sets (25-17, 25-19 and 25-22)

For this beautiful girl from Kalasin, this person has 2 years of experience playing in Japan, being the first Thai person who can win the Japanese Volleyball League championship in 2019 and I believe that moving back to play in our home again will create Color for the rubber circle of our country of course

Personal information
Name: Kaew Kalaya Kmulthala
Nickname: Divine
Date of birth: 7 August 1994
Be a provincial person: Kalasin
Position: Fast ball
Height: 180 cm



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