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Farm in Bartošovice Draws Huge Crowds with Self-Harvesting Onion Event

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On Friday, the first day of self-harvesting of onions was held at Luční dvůr Farm in Bartošovice. As expected, there was a lot of interest. The farm announced the incident on Facebook, where their representative shared a video. This had a big impact. Over thirteen thousand people shared it within a few days.

Leftover onion from last year. Foreign chains are said not to want it. “They prefer to import onions from Germany or New Zealand. That’s why we decided to start self-collection from Friday, April 12. It will work in the style that the onions will be gently placed on pallets at the farm in Bartošovice and you will be able to choose any size,” said the video that was also mentioned.

Currently, onions are also imported from the Netherlands, Germany, but also from distant Egypt for a price of around thirty crowns (more HERE).

On a farm in Bartošovice, Moravia, one kilogram was sold for eight crowns.

A large crowd has been heading to the local self-assembly since early in the morning. PrahaIN.cz talked to several customers, we connected through profiles on the social network.

Corners in the field. pictorial picture Pixabay, under license

We are moving forward, reporting on the farm

Onions for a very favorable price are said to have gone to waste.

“If they had onions like that in supermarkets, I wouldn’t buy another one. No matter the price,” one of the customers told us. She took more than ten kilograms of onions. “I also bought for my daughter and my mother,” she said. It was not far from Bartošovice, she lives near Nové Jičín.

She noticed two interesting things on the spot. People usually didn’t get their change back and gave relatively large tips, and it was said that there was a pleasant atmosphere everywhere.

Another woman noticed several customers coming in with large bags or crates. “They definitely want to sell it again, they took a lot,” she told our editors.

We tried again to call the farm, we wrote SMS and e-mails, but no one answered.

The farm finally announced that self-collection would continue. Mainly because of the strong interest from customers.

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