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Farah Al Dibani Opens the Beiteddine Festivals with a Captivating Performance

Farah Al Dibani opened the “Beiteddine Festivals” and Dalida’s spirit took over the place

A joyful presence, and an Amer concert, performed by the Egyptian mezzo-soprano Farah Al-Dibani, opening the fortieth season of the “Beiteddine Festivals”. Under the leadership of the brilliant maestro Lebanon Baalbaki, the orchestra played the accompaniment of the operatic voice of Debani, who was waiting for thousands in the inner courtyard of the palace, which was chosen to save expenses, but with its fountains and archways, it is more charming and intimate for such a classical type of concert.

The audience interacted with the opera thanks to the dewy and joyful voice of Debani (The Festival)

Although the majority came waiting to hear the songs of Dalida, Fayrouz and Asmahan in particular, because this was what was entailed in the announcement of the concert, the Arab audience remains an Arab feeling and pulse, but the surprise was that more than half of the lyrical compositions were Western operas, which made those present very happy and did not distress them, contrary to what is expected, not because they do not like Arabic songs, but because Al Dibani, while performing the opera with her oriental voice, really captivated the minds.

A woman from the organizing committee of the festival said, before the start of the ceremony: “We will live a night of life,” and so it was, especially in the first part of the opening ceremony, which lasted an hour and a half without stopping or resting.

The audience interacted with the opera thanks to the dewy and joyful voice of Debani (The Festival)

After the music that inaugurated the evening, Farah Al-Dayani appeared to perform with a voice that astonished the audience, “Granada” by the Mexican poet and composer Augustin Lara, then she sang “Habanera” from the opera Carmen by Georges Bazier, to increase the audience’s eagerness to hear more with this voice that gave Western classical singing a lot of joy and vitality, and softness and sweetness at the same time. Famous classical passages, familiar to the ear of the audience, even those who are not well versed in opera, on the one hand, but on the other hand, she added to the selected pieces a youthful pulse so that she would think that her voice was dancing and singing with joy, and Lebanon Baalbaki increased the skill of Lebanon Baalbaki in his dynamic leadership of the orchestra, with very leaping arrangements, which made everyone feel that he was in a state of uninterrupted joy.

This is how the pieces went on and on, “Boheme” by Bazih from the opera “Carmen”, music dominated by a sense of love, as if the instruments were whistling cheerfully like the chirping of birds, marked by joy, fun and jumping, and Al Dibani’s voice adds beauty to this choice of well-known and beloved pieces thanks to her constant voice and smile.

Farah Al Dibani and Maestro Lebanon Baalbaki ignited the atmosphere of Beiteddine Palace (The Festival)

Dalida had the lion’s share of this concert, and Al Dibani’s operatic voice befitting the singing of this singer, who experienced great pain, and left behind songs that convey feelings of euphoria and desire for life. She performed “Gypsies” or “Gitan”, “Bambino”, “Love Story”, “Sweet Ya Baladi”, “Salama Ya Salama” and “Death on Stage”. She also sang to the wonderful Serge Lama his immortal song “Jo Soi Malado”, which he presented in 1974, and since that day, song lovers never tire of hearing it.

Fayrouz’s share of the concert was only four songs. “To Beirut”, dedicated by the host of the concert to the Lebanese audience, and she loves to sing it when she hosts in Lebanon, and she previously sang it at the “Beirut Singing” festival. She also sang to Fayrouz the poem of Gibran Khalil Gibran, “Give me the flute and sing”, and “I love you, Lebanon.” As for the most beautiful song by Fayrouz, which she performed with a lot of spontaneity and flow, it is “Shatt Alexandria, Shatt al-Hawa.” Al-Dibani explained that she was born in Alexandria, and that this song for Fayrouz means what it means to her, and it is one of the songs she performs on different occasions.

And she concluded the daughter of Alexandria, whose talents shone in France, when Emmanuel Macron chose her on the day of his inauguration for a second term to sing the Marseillaise, or the French national anthem, and she won many awards.

As for the end of the ceremony, it was with Asmahan’s famous song, “Oh, my love, come and see what happened to me.”

Farah Al Dibani and Maestro Lebanon Baalbaki ignited the atmosphere of the Beiteddine Palace (The Festival)

Al Dibani’s concert in “Beiteddine” is only the opening of this summer season, where the audience of this international mountain festival will meet on the 22nd of this month, the performers of a musical evening that combines flamenco and oriental melodies. The first section is with the “Chicquillo” band, and the skilled guitarist and founder of the band, Juan Gomez, accompanied by a dancing and playing group. As for the second section, the Lebanese pianist and composer Guy Manoukian will return for the second year in a row. He has performed locally and internationally over the past 30 years, worked with major artists, and is known for his style that merges oriental melodies with modern music. His concerts in London, Singapore, Cairo, Paris, Dubai and many international festivals sold out.

The night of July 25 brings together the top jazz artists in Lebanon. The first part of the concert is presented by Donna Khalifa, the composer and musician, with her group. and the second section with pianist and composer Arthur Satian and his band. He is one of the most important and influential jazz musicians in the region.

Lebanese-American singer Maysa Karaa will perform on July 27th. A Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter, she will perform a mixture of pop, rock and Arabic music. The concert was specially prepared for the Beiteddine Festivals, led by the Jordanian composer and violinist Yarub Smeirat, with a distinguished appearance by the famous Lebanese composer and oud player Charbel Rouhana. The band includes Maysa’s fellow professional musicians.

As for the conclusion on the 2nd, 3rd and 5th of August, with the international musical “Chicago”, after very limited performances.

“Chicago in Arabic” is the first Arabic-language Broadway-licensed musical written, designed and directed by the talented Lebanese Roy El Khoury, with the participation of prominent actors, Merva Kadi, Cynthia Karam, Fouad Yammine, Youmna Bou Hadir, Matteo El Khodr, and Elias Christoforidis.

The group includes 20 dancers and 20 musicians and singers, along with composer Elio Classie and songwriter Anthony Adonis. The show is produced by Nayla El Khoury.

Launched for the first time at Casino du Liban, in 5 sold-out shows.

As every year, visitors to the palace enjoy an exhibition entitled “Abstraction”, which embodies abstract painting in Lebanon, directed by Saleh Barakat.

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