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Fans attacked Camelia – ᐉ News from Fakti.bg – Curious

Many people wonder if the age crisis has hit Camelia. The 50-year-old chalga diva is doing nonsense after nonsense with her vision, at least that’s what most of her fans on the net think.

After the singer shocked everyone with the complete change of her nose a few months ago, today she literally no longer looks like herself. There is no mention of the favorite of folk fans.

Camellia’s lips, which are naturally quite thin, are currently filled with hyaluronic acid. In addition, she poses in such a way that they step forward and give her face the typical duck look that was the fashion to photograph ladies years ago.

Users have compared her to Donald Duck’s duck, and they keep wondering how she can do it on her own. Apparently, however, Kami likes himself because he does not stop posing and demonstrating his corrections in front of the camera, writes show.bg.

The photos, of course, have been processed a lot to make her complexion as smooth as a baby’s ass with no wrinkles. Something impossible for her age.

“I’m angry to see her! If she wants to be angry, but the truth is that we loved her as she was. Then there was some innate sex appeal that completely evaporated. She has nothing left of him,” commented fans.

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