Faitelson calls for the restructuring of football not to be circus, maroma and theater

MEXICO CITY, January 25 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Much has been said in recent hours about the restructuring that is planned for Mexican soccer, after the enormous setback of the Mexican National Team in the World Cup in Qatar 2022, where was eliminated in the group stage.

For the next few days, it is expected that the Mexican Soccer Federation will announce the measures that will be taken to change the project for the Tricolor towards the 2026 World Cup in which Mexico will host.

And regarding the changes that are wanted to be made in national football, David Faitelson, an ESPN journalist, launched a special petition on his Twitter account in which he states the following:

“Let’s hope that ‘the restructuring’ that Mexican soccer is apparently proposing doesn’t end up being ‘circus, maroma and theater’ as has happened on other occasions. The change must occur with will and the ability to cede interests. Do you really want to do it?”
But not only that, he also wrote some things that should be reviewed in favor of soccer in our country: “A restructuring of the Mexican team is necessary, but… what about the rest? + Reduce foreigners + Rekindle promotion and relegation + Review competition system + Return to Conmebol + Regulate the internal market for transactions + Promote exports. When?

All reflectors indicate that Guillermo Almada could be the candidate chosen by the Mexican Soccer Federation to take over the reins of the Mexican National Team.

The Uruguayan coach, who is currently in charge of Pachuca, would be the new national strategist, after the departure of Tata Martino, who left the Tricolor bench immediately after the elimination of Mexico in the World Cup.

One of the novelties in the restructuring that the Federation is working on is the creation of a committee to support the new coach of the Mexican National Team, which will include names like Manuel Lapuente, Enrique Meza and Ricardo Antonio La Volpe himself.

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