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Factors to Consider Before Upgrading to the New iPhone 15: A Guide for Buyers

In the month of September of each year, the time is right to buy new iPhones, and if you have a habit of buying it every year, there are several factors that may determine whether or not you need to upgrade your device, according to a report published by the newspaper.Wall Street Journal“.

Whether or not you buy one of the new “iPhone 15” models expected to be released on September 12 depends on three factors, namely “the condition of your current phone, its compatibility with the imminent iOS 17 update, and new features for the next phone.”

When should you not buy a new device?

If your iPhone is two or three years old and is working well, chances are you can use it for another year or two.

And don’t upgrade if you just need a new battery.

Over time, the iPhone’s lithium-ion batteries degrade, so performance may slow down, apps take longer to launch, and the screen appears sluggish while scrolling.

And then the new battery, not the new phone, may do the job.

If the maximum capacity of the battery is less than 80 percent, Apple says it must be replaced.

And the cost of an approved battery replacement from Apple is much lower than the cost of a new phone, usually $89.

If you purchase AppleCare+ coverage, battery replacements are included.

If your phone is fully functional but the screen is ‘cracked’ then it just needs to be fixed.

And then check the price of the replacement screen, and it will be better than buying a new phone.

Apple estimates the price of a device that has a broken screen at $55, while the price of a device that has a good screen is $150.

Without AppleCare+ coverage, you will pay Apple $199 for an iPhone XR screen replacement, while the XMax Pro screen replacement costs $379.

And if you’re running out of storage space, your iPhone might be slow, and it’s time to review the data you can delete.

Analysts expect a gradual update for this year’s phones, including an improved processor and some camera improvements.

The most notable change is likely to be the switch to the universal USB-C charging port from Apple’s own Lightning connector, in compliance with EU legislation.

But if you had an iPhone 14 released last year, you’ll probably be fine.

When should I buy a new iPhone?

If your phone is an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X, it doesn’t support iOS 17, so the next big software update “will not support your phones.”

It is important that your phone can upgrade to the latest version of the iOS operating system, as it provides new features as well as important security updates and bug fixes, and using outdated software can harm performance and put your data at risk.

And if your phone needs “serious repairs” at a high cost, it is better to buy a new device.

And if you want to enjoy the latest software, you may need to buy a new device. The keyboard that completes sentences as you type is only available on “iPhone 12” and later, as well as “FaceTime” interactions, which are manually operated.

Also, the accessibility feature for visually impaired people, called Point and Speak, will only work on 12 Pro models and later.

Whatever your decision, wait until September 12, when Apple will reveal new features and additions to its upcoming phone.

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