Facebook removes video Wappie from Youp van ‘t Hek

The video would violate the guidelines, according to Facebook. The spokesperson indicates that the BNNVARA does not intend to take any steps. “We think it’s a shame, especially because many people recognize themselves in the song.” At the moment, only this video appears to have been removed from Wappie. The video is still available on the official YouTube channel from Even tot hier and can still be found on the BNNVARA Facebook page.

Niels van der Laan and Jeroen Woe, the presenters of Even tot hier, have little understanding for the Facebook action. “Pretty ridiculous this …”, they write with a screenshot of the Facebook page that shows that the video has been removed. It’s not clear why Facebook finds this particular video to violate the guidelines. According to a Facebook spokesperson, there are several causes that can cause a video to be deleted.

Youp van ‘t Hek transformed his Christmas hit Flappie into the satirical BNNVARA program Even tot hier in Wappie. The new version, about people who deny the seriousness of the coronavirus, quickly became a hit on the internet. On the YouTube channel from Even tot hier, the fragment has been viewed almost 1.4 million times in four days.

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