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Facebook and Meta don’t hit the key, and investors look for other options

“Facebook isn’t what it used to be.” It is a phrase that many people have started to hear when it comes to social networking. And it is that the loss of interest in this platform in favor of the more modern ones and with a greater impact on videos has put Meta and therefore its investors in check.

Not even a year and a half has passed and Mark Zuckerberg’s tech giant plummeted in its rating, going from being one of the five most valuable US companies to not even being in the Top-20.

Over the past year, Facebook has lost 100 billion valuation, which confirms a continuing decline in investor confidence as they start investing their money in other businesses.

All this with the obsession of its creator to continue to bet on the “metaverse”, which considers the future of the Internet, albeit with a result very similar to what is happening with Facebook itself.

In front, the success of other platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, which continue to steal users from a young profile, the one that interests companies most in the short term. Also important is the growth of Tik Tok, the most recent social network and the one that has experienced the greatest growth in recent months, in a trend somewhat parallel to what experienced more than a decade ago with Facebook itself.

As for his commitment to “Meta”, many believe that Zuckerberg is wrong and should rethink his strategy towards Facebook, his core business, which does not cross the mind of the entrepreneur, who insists that he must overcome short-term challenges and make the project the reference point in the medium term even if its platform does not reach the expected half million users.

Therefore, it is unknown what will happen to the Zuckerberg empire in the short term. The only reality is that today investors are losing interest and with it Facebook and Meta the momentum needed to compete against their increasingly strong rivals.

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