EZ shares have been the most speculated since 2008. The 1100 K limit has fallen

Actions domestic energetick the EU rose after noon to the highest values ​​since 2008. The title price at burst bursa baked in the standard store border 1100 K per share and did not stop even at 1120 Kabout 8 percent above the ternum from the other sweat, what the web list at first Piel with information, e stt opril pln for a split firmy EZ a zesttnn electr.

According to the Seznam Zprvy government, the government is considering the largest Czech Republic energetick groups and theirs electr. According to him, the reason is the government’s effort to gain control over energy prices. Stt proves the difference NO na vrobn a business st. Vrobn Division s elektrrnami should end in ownership sttuwhich would buy the shares of minority shares, or would exchange the shares in them business sti.

Restructuring NO is one of the variants we are thinking about today, confirmed according to the website without further detail Minister of Finance Zbynk Stanjura, his ad is managed 70 percent sttn shares under groups.

Return to the debate on structural change NO confirms according to the website and the group’s speech K. K. Souasn energy crisiswolf on Ukraine, Green Deal and especially our long-term commitment to safe and reliable delivery electiny at affordable prices, this leads to re-reflection as to the optimal internal structure NO to the future. We are still in the discussion stage, nothing can be presented, he said.

Similarly, according to two Bloomberg sources, one of the largest listed manufacturers electric power ve vchodn Europe with the government in Prague about the distribution of its assets. According to one of these sources, the Ministry of Finance is inclined to restructure. Details on how to structure EZu she could change but refused to provide.

According to Bloomberg, the Ministry of Finance stated that the restructuring EZu is one of the monost that stt currently analyzing. He gave no comments to the ad, because NO is publicly traded company. Stt through the Ministry of Finance owns almost 70%.

According to the list of first variants, the entire operation is performed. Among the government’s policies, even the weight of redemptions under minority shares in the form of public redemption stt would thus strengthen its influence in the groups, it would not have to dwell. But it would be time, restructuring and division NO me bt faster, said the source List First.

This is how EZ shares na burst bursa developed in the last five days:


EZ shares have risen by about 72 percent in the last year. Index PX grew by 16 percent. It’s been a year since EZ shares in 31.8 percent.

The restructuring was half-hearted EZ groups in 2017. At that time stt as the largest shareholder, he considered the division of the holding into a traditional nuclear i fosilnmi elektrrnami and according to the green NOwho had the support of renewable resources, trade and distribution.

EZ shareswhich is outperforming European competition, have received new support:


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