Exxon returns to the center position to sweep the downturn, Zhang Xizhe will become the core of Li Tie’s tactics

Original title: Exxon returns to the center position, sweeping the downturn, Zhang Xizhe will become the core of Li Tie’s tactics

Yesterday, the Chinese team, who was also training in Haikou, had a teaching match with Hebei Huaxia Fortune. The game started at 4 pm, the Chinese team scored 4 goals in the first half, and then scored another goal after changing the lineup in the second half, and finally won 5:1. In this campaign, Exxon returned to the center position and scored two goals, sweeping away his downturn when he played as a winger.

The starting lineup of the Chinese team is: goalkeeper Liu Dianzuo; the four defenders from right to left are Wang Gang, Li Ang, Yu Dabao, and Li Lei; midfielders Zhang Xizhe, Xu Xin, Yin Hongbo, and Wu Xinghan; forwards Exxon and Zhang Yuning . Alan did not appear in the roster. China Fortune’s formation is also 442, goalkeeper Chi Wenyi; four defenders Chen Yunhua, Ren Hang, Pan Ximing, Ding Haifeng; midfielders Wang Qiuming, Feng Gang, Luo Senwen, and Cui Lin; forwards Luo Shipeng and Gao Huaze.

To a certain extent, this game has the color of a contest between the new and the old Chinese teams, because many of the members of the China Fortune lineup were once internationals. Rosenwen and Gao Huaze were also selected for the 1993 National Youth and 1997 National Youth Teams. green. China Fortune Land Development paid more attention to this game and ranked the strongest lineup that can be discharged. On January 30th, Huaxia Fortune and Changchun Yatai had a warm-up match. Yatai’s foreign aid Sosa scored the only goal in the first half. In the end, Huaxia Fortune lost 0:1. In the absence of the coach, The team has more problems.

In the warm-up match yesterday afternoon, Exxon scored two goals in the first half, including a direct free kick. Yin Hongbo and Zhang Xizhe each scored a goal. It was midfielder Feng that scored a goal for China Fortune. just. In the second half of the game, both teams made substantial adjustments in the lineup. The central defender Yu Yang from Beijing Guoan scored another goal to secure the victory. Out of prudent considerations, the Chinese team did not officially announce more details about the game.

The two players of the Chinese team deserve special attention in this game. The first is Exxon. He no longer plays the role of pulling and passing the ball. Li Tie takes advantage of his quick smell and strong ability to grasp opportunities in front of goal. The game may be the starting point for Exxon to regain his former goal state. The other player is Zhang Xizhe, who just passed his 30th birthday. Judging from the starting list, Li Tie has great trust in “Chinese Super League De Bruyne”. Let him be the core of the midfield organization and Zhang Xizhe can withstand it. The test.

On the afternoon of the 9th, the Chinese team will play another match. The opponent is the “promoted” Changchun Yatai of the Chinese Super League. This arrangement is to simulate the rhythm of the Chinese team in the second round of the top 40.

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