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Exposed straps and insight into the soul. The stars took intimate portraits, Bohemia even from a distance

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They remain true to tradition, but at the same time they need to innovate.

“I try to make the individual calendars different from each other. For the year 2020, we made a distinctive, colorfully opulent calendar, which was very expressive. So we decided to take away the colors and focus more on expression and working with athletes as models than on the effect, “describes photographer Tomáš Třeštík.” I tried to have clean, intimate portraits, not in terms of nudity, but dialogue between me and whom I photograph. “

Soccer player Petr Cech

Tomas Trestik / Sport Invest

He used a wide-angle lens for photography, which often leads to deformation of the body, when, for example, an outstretched hand is larger than in reality. “It was my intention to be in close contact with the photographers, which will then provoke their other reactions. Since I photographed some of the athletes on the calendar for the fourth time, we know each other and trust me more. Then it is possible to work with them in this style, because they know that I will not delay them, that they take pictures in a quiet and pleasant environment, that I will not shoot them. The photo shoot is then more honest. Not everyone manages to establish a similar kind of intimacy, I think it worked out here, “Třeštík smiles.

As the agency has a large number of clients from various sports, just like a year ago, three versions of the calendar were created. In one there is a larger number of football players, in the other there are hockey players and in the third there are representatives of other sports. The largest stars are then in all three variants.

Among them is, for example, Petr Čech, which is the only name of 19 photographed athletes that did not appear directly in Třeštík’s studio in Prague’s Letná. Due to the worldwide pandemic, Chekhov’s photo had to be taken in London, but in front of the lens of the club photographer Chelsea football, where the record holder in the number of starts for the Czech national team is a member of the management. Třeštík thus prepared a detailed manual for his English colleague on how to photograph the famous goalkeeper so that he would fit exactly into the intended concept.

“I sent him a fairly accurate description, where the technical things were defined, ie what lights and what intensity to shine, what photography I use, what I use reflectors and shading. The second part was a description of my intention, what I am looking for as an expression that it does not have to be a laughing photo, but rather an insight into the soul of the athlete. I would photograph Petra a little differently, each photographer has his own style, but I think that in the end the cooperation turned out very well, “says Třeštík.

The impressions of some athletes from the photo shoot can be found in the attached video.

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