Explosions and Smoke Detected in Inkerman and Sevastopol: Possible Attacks in Crimea

Explosions and Smoke Detected in Inkerman and Sevastopol: Possible Attacks in Crimea

Smoke appeared off the coast in the city of Inkerman around 12:00. As noted by local Telegram channels, the main oil depot of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located there, where millions of tons of fuel are stored.

At the same time, propaganda public pages report explosions in Sevastopol, namely in the Belbek area, where the airfield is located. Some Telegram channels write about the “repulsed attack.”

Black smoke was also seen between the northern side of Sevastopol and Inkerman.

Occupiers talk about “attack”

The so-called “governor” of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, wrote on Telegram about the work of the air defense. According to him, downed drones allegedly fell near the settlements of Verkhnesadovoe and Kacha, and fires broke out there.

“Arrival” at a military unit

The Telegram channel “Crimean Wind” writes that in the village of Verkhnesadovoe there has been an “arrival” to a Russian military unit.

Strikes by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Crimea

Let us remind you that on September 13, the Ukrainian military struck a ship repair plant in Sevastopol. As a result of the attack, the diesel-electric submarine Rostov-on-Don and the landing ship Minsk were damaged.

The next day, the military counterintelligence of the SBU and the Ukrainian Navy conducted a unique special operation. Defenders used drones and missiles to destroy the $1.2 billion Russian Triumph air defense system near Yevpatoriya.

Read urgent and important messages about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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