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Explosion at Cafe near Taganrog, Russia: 15 Injured


The explosion occurred at a cafe near the city of Taganrog, Russia. As many as 15 people were injured in the explosion.

Reported by AFP, Friday (28/7/2023), the location of the explosion is known to be close to the Ukrainian border. The explosion is thought to have come from a rocket.

The governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev, said rescue teams were at the scene. There were no victims killed in the incident.

“A rocket is suspected of having exploded. Rescue teams are at the scene. There are no casualties. There are several injured victims who have been sent by ambulances,” he said.

He said 15 people were injured. It is not yet known where the rocket came from.

“15 people suffered minor injuries,” he said.


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