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Some will say “Finally!”… With Project Honolulu, Microsoft intends to revolutionize the management of Windows Server through a modern and graphical web console, unifying the various old administration tools.

The success of Windows Server is historically explained by its graphical interface which, at the end of the 90s, made it possible to popularize the administration of the servers to a whole informed IT population, but without previous experience.

Since then, the IT landscape has evolved considerably. Even Windows Server has converted to the virtues of the command lines with the introduction of PowerShell at first, but also the appearance of Windows Server Core then Windows Server Nano. A logical conversion in a world where virtualization has increased the number of instances installed and where the concepts of the Cloud have created increased automation needs.

With Project Honolulu, all Windows administration functions are brought together in a single, modern and visual console.

Now, in the vast majority of businesses, the administration of many Windows servers is done from System Center and very rarely from the Windows Server user interface. With the arrival of Azure and the – sometimes massive – increase in Windows resources in the Cloud, new needs have arisen to provide more flexibility in the administration of IT that has become hybrid. Azure Operations Management Suite has thus become widely popular among companies that have opted for both Windows Server and Azure as the foundation of their infrastructure.

Still, the need for one-off and direct administration of one or more servers, particularly in the context of very small businesses / SMEs, have not completely disappeared.

Architecture – Deployment – Installation – Supported servers – First steps – Partner platform – Hyperconvergence – Powershell and Honolulu – RDP access …

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