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Experts warn of a wave of Trojans in Germany

With the help of Trojans, criminals keep trying to get sensitive information about their victims. Experts are now warning of dangerous malware that has been increasingly sighted in Germany.

Experts are currently warning of one Trojans-Wave with the malicious software Ursnif. That report the “Internet Storm Center “and media such as” heise online “. The Trojan is distributed through a ZIP archive attached to an email. The message can also come from a known sender.

The ZIP archive is password-protected, so anti-virus programs cannot check the file for viruses. The password for the ZIP archive is in the mail text. According to the “Internet Storm Center”, the password usually consists of three identical numbers such as “777”, “111” or “333”.

What can Ursnif do?

Trojan Ursnif hides itself in a Word file in the ZIP archive. As a result, anyone who opens the Word file should activate macros. Only then can the malware infect the computer. According to “heise online”, such macros only work with Microsoft Office. Who like another program Open office or using Libre Office, shouldn’t catch a trojan.

Ursnif is a banking Trojan that records various sensitive information, the security company Kaspersky writes on its website. Including username and passwords from web forms. The program can also take screenshots, intercept keystrokes or more software Download to the infected computer and start.

How do I recognize infected mails?

In order to avoid infection, you should generally be critical of links or email attachments – especially if you receive a message without being asked. If the mail comes from a known sender, you should inquire by phone or in person whether a mail has been sent.

If your computer has been infected, it is best to disconnect it from the Internet. You should also have a current antivirus program check the computer. Let an expert help you in an emergency.

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