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Experience the Supernatural World of Gensokyo in Touhou: New World for Nintendo Switch

Touhou: New World has been released worldwide for the Nintendo Switch. Earlier this year it was announced that the game would be released sometime in the summer. Now it’s finally here! Touhou: New World is also known as “Touhou Shinsekai” and is the latest version of the Touhou series. Developer Ankake Spa’s game features an improved and refined combination of fast-paced action RPG gameplay and bullet-hell combat from their previous game Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity.

The supernatural world of Gensokyo

As a player you will be taken back to the world of Gensokyo. In this supernatural world, humans and spirits live together, which are also called Youkai. You would think that must be pure chaos, but nothing could be further from the truth. Gensokyo was a relatively quiet place until the mysterious barrier was breached by a strange outsider. The outsider has a great obsession with the supernatural world and tries to create as much chaos as possible inside and outside Gensokyo.

You play as a Shrine Maiden named Reimu, who along with her magical friend Marisa will try to discover the real source of all this chaos. Together with Marisa you will try to restore peace inside and outside the supernatural world. You will have to defeat various mystical creatures to complete your goal.

Magic, battles and conquering

As Shrine Maiden you can use different skills to defeat your enemies. Think of: spell cards, powerful blows with exorcism sticks, slowing attack techniques and much more! In addition to fighting and using magic, it is of course also important that you help the friendly inhabitants of Gensyoko to find their lost souls. You will end up in strange areas, but that is of course no problem with all those magical skills.

The nice thing about this game is that you can fully customize Reimu and Marisa to your own playing style. You can improve their skills and this will give you better stats to defeat your enemies. Upgrade your characters properly and go for victory! Can you create the perfect combination? Touhou: New World is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

Watch the brand new launch trailer for Touhou: New World below!

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