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Expectations for the Dynamo Kiev vs Shakhtar Donetsk Match in the Ukrainian Championship

The famous Ukrainian coach Sergei Kovalets, in an interview with the UPL TV telegram channel, shared his expectations from the match of the 13th round of the Ukrainian championship between Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk.

Sergey Kovalets

— Our classic confrontation has always been not dispassionate, but now we live in a different time. We see that Shakhtar has changed in terms of personnel concept and is relying on its own students. At the same time, the team shows fairly decent football. As for Dynamo, everyone understood that last season was unsuccessful for them. And this was expected, that with the return of Yarmolenko and considering that Lucescu remained to leave as a winner, there should be different results.

— “Dynamo” now has problems with results. How might this affect the principle meeting?

— Dynamo is a big club, they have fans all over the world. I believe that more psychological pressure for results will be placed on the people of Kiev. However, we know examples from England or Spain, when the result in the table is not important – it is important to win the derby. And for Dynamo in the match with Shakhtar, everything is important – the quality of the game, the result, and improvement in the tournament position. If a defeat occurs, it will be a very big nuisance. Although there are still many matches ahead. On the other hand, it is important how the team develops and whether the coaching staff sees whether the team is moving forward and whether it has prospects.

— Did Shakhtar’s new head coach Pusic manage to realize the significance of this match?

“It’s important that Srna is nearby, who invited him.” Judging by the players’ words, they accepted the coach, which is important, the atmosphere in the team has improved. Usually when a new coach comes, there is a rise. Therefore, we can expect the team to be on the rise. In addition, from Pusic’s words it can be understood that he wants to play aggressive football with ball control.

— What kind of attitude might Dynamo have?

— After a large portion of criticism and self-criticism, when Buyalsky said that after such matches I want to change my profession, I think no one will have problems with motivation.

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