Exit 8: SpeedRun Glitch and Kyosumi Shirakawa Station Design Discussion

The horror escape game “Exit 8” (Exit 8) developed by Japanese developer “KOTAKE CREATE” has received favorable response after being released on Steam. Firstly, the RTA community continues to find new ways to achieve SpeedRun. After customs clearance, secondly, the design of the underground passage in this game reminds many Japanese of “Kyosumi Shirakawa Station” (Kyosumi Shirakawa Station).

“Exit 8” is a maze with infinite corridors. Players must continuously and successfully observe the “visions” in the corridor until they reach Exit 8 to clear the level. The act of identifying the visions is also jokingly called by Taiwanese players as “Everyone is looking for trouble.” 3D underground street version”.

However, not long after the game was released, the Japanese RTA community found a loophole. Simply put, it is the short passage before entering the corner of the long corridor. You can observe the triggering mechanism of the infinite corridor, and then make an instant judgment and turn back.

Because of the bug, this allowed RTA players to challenge the SpeedRunThe time limit was reduced to less than 1 minute to pass the level.basically a run that turns back instantly the whole way.

Although the developer KOTAKE installed the 1.0.1 update yesterday (3rd) to fix the vulnerability, the SpeedRun challenge for the 1.0.1 version is still continuing. Although it is not as long as the 1.0.0 version, the new method is to run horizontally “Crab Walk”, turn around immediately when you see the passage, and you can still reach Exit 8 in more than 1 minute.

Another topic that has aroused heated discussion among Japanese players is “Kyosumi Shirakawa Station”. There is a strange phenomenon in “Exit 8” where the fluorescent tubes in the passage will become a messy configuration. This scene evokes the psychological memories of many Japanese players.

Because the scene design of “Exit 8” itself is the configuration of a Japanese railway underground tunnel, and the passage of “Kyosumi Shirakawa Station” in Koto-ku, Tokyo has a corridor design with randomly placed fluorescent lights, which has been mentioned by Japanese media in the past.report

After all, although the design of “Exit 8” is simple and easy to understand, it is combined with the public sentiment of Japan’s local railway underground tunnels, coupled with the fact that there really is an artistic configuration like “Kyosumi Shirakawa Station”, coupled with the UE5 engine’s realistic The passage screen has made this work gain a lot of attention.

The Steam 3D horror sketch game “Exit 8” has been released on Steam, with a standard price of 82 yuan.

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