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Exciting expectations for the iOS 18 update at WWDC 2024 – Mercato

Although the official announcement of the iOS 18 update is still in the distance, leaks and rumors are continuing about this eagerly awaited update. According to the famous analyst Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, we expect the next update to be full of new features and major designs. Although he did not mention any specific details, Gorman described the upcoming developments as “ambitious and very logical.”

AI advances in Siri

Apple is currently working on integrating artificial intelligence technologies into its Siri voice assistant, making it smarter and more effective in meeting users’ needs. Babel’s generative AI model is expected to be integrated into Siri, which will allow users to benefit from accurate and comprehensive responses to more complex questions and diverse prompts.

It is expected that this development will include the integration of artificial intelligence into various Apple applications such as Apple Music, Pages, Keynote, and Xcode, giving users access to a sophisticated and integrated experience across different fields.

Improve communication with Android users

Apple has finally announced its support for the RCS messaging service standard, which will contribute to improving the communication experience between iPhone and Android users. This support will allow sending and receiving photos and videos with higher resolution, in addition to the feature of reading and writing indicators, communication via WiFi connection, and improving group chat capabilities between iPhone users.

The upcoming iOS 18 update will introduce a set of security improvements with the use of encryption protocols for the RCS service, ensuring a higher level of security in communication and communication processes.

What about Babel’s own generative AI?

Although Apple is late in the field of generative artificial intelligence, the company has confirmed that it is working hard in this way and putting in the necessary research to avoid the drawbacks faced by other chatbot models. Generative AI technology is expected to be integrated into iOS 18 next year, making advanced and unique features available to iPhone users.

common questions:

When will the iOS 18 update be announced?

Apple is expected to announce the iOS 18 update at the WWDC developer conference next June.

Will iOS 18 include new and innovative features?

According to analysts’ expectations, the iOS 18 update will contain major features and improvements in user experience, communication with Android users, and the integration of generative artificial intelligence into Siri.

What are the most important advantages of the iOS 18 update?

The iOS 18 update includes improvements in artificial intelligence for the Siri assistant, improving communication between iPhone and Android users via the RCS standard, and integrating generative AI technology into the iOS system.

Is Apple working to develop generative artificial intelligence technology?

Yes, Apple has long been engaged in research and development in the field of generative artificial intelligence and is studying the best ways to integrate it into its products safely and efficiently.

Will iOS 18 require a new version of Siri?

No, AI improvements are expected to be integrated into Siri as part of the iOS 18 update, and a new version of Siri does not need to be downloaded separately.

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