Exciting Duel in 2020, Realme 7 vs Poco X3 NFC, Who is the Best …


JAKARTA – Competition smartphone the middle class is getting fiercer with the presence of the new champion Realme 7 vs Poco X3 NFC. In comparison, who is the best and most deserving buyer of the two? READ ALSO:Looking for the Best TWS? This is different from Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds +

Towards the last quarter of 2020, consumers continue to be spoiled by the presence of smart phones that are increasingly affordable. However, it has been equipped with many features that previously could only be found in class flagship.

Therefore, competition in the middle segment (mid-range) is actually most interesting. It is in this segment that manufacturers are fighting all out for a consumer who is very large in number, but also very demanding.

Especially in the range of IDR 3 million, which may have the most varied consumer characteristics. There are users entry level (IDR 1 million-IDR 2 million) who want upgrade, there are parents who are looking for smartphone for their children, there are teenagers who are looking for the best mobile phone for their needs, and of course they are the hunters for the cellphone with the best specifications at the lowest price.

And indeed there are two devices that have the most interesting combination. Namely the Poco X3 NFC which was just released and the Realme 7 which was introduced at the end of last September.

Realme 7 8GB + 128GB is priced at IDR 3,999,000. While the Poco X3 NFC is offered in 2 types, respectively 6GB + 64 GB (Rp. 3,199,000) and 8GB + 128 GB (Rp. 3,599,000).

Now, which one is better? Let’s compare!

Both Realme 7 and Poco X3 NFC carry IPS LCD Full HD Plus with a resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels.


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