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Ex-brother Takano Keisuke resigns as a free agent

▲ CITIC Brothers Keisuke Takano. (Provided by CITIC Brothers)

Former CITIC Brothers pitcher Keisuke Takano announced today that he would be leaving the Japanese Independent League Tochigi Golden Warriors as a free agent: “Thanks to the fans for taking care of them all year, thank you, we will meet again somewhere. part. “

Gao also joined the Rhodes team with the seventh designation in 2016. In July 2019 he was sold to the Hanshin Tigers. In 2021 he first came to Taiwan as a test and moved to CITIC Brothers.

It’s a shame Takaya only played 1 game in Brothers First Army, 1.2 innings, 2 hits and 5.40 ERA, so he went home.

He also received attention when he attended the test match out of combat, especially when he played against Xinzhuang Gangzhi. Also last year he performed well and became famous.

Takano believes that this year has been very happy and inspiring for him, and he can play every day, so he is very lucky and grateful to the team, staff, etc., as well as sponsors and fans.

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