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The charming presenter of Hlavný mráve Eva Perkausová (28) revealed the gender of her baby in the Showtime program. Eva and her husband Ivan Hecko can look forward to a baby boy in a few months. As for the choice of names, they are both clear.

Eva Perkausová a Ivan Hecko they are a beautiful couple from Czech show business. Recently, Eva revealed a lot of details about the expected baby at the Prima party. The gender, but she didn’t know then. Now she went on the show Showtime out with the truth and the whole world can look forward to a beautiful baby boy.

The outfit will probably be blue

“It’s going to be a boy! I am happy and satisfied. I even kind of suspected from the beginning of my pregnancy that it would probably be a boy,” Eva revealed with a smile. The presenter is currently 6 months pregnant, and until this time she and her husband have not bought any equipment. She had said before that she didn’t want neutral colors and that she would wait. Now everything is different and both of them can start preparing the family nest.

They say they have enough space in the house and the baby will have guaranteed comfort. The beautiful blonde even revealed that she would not resist more children. But for now, she will wait for her first birth and then see, as she stated in an interview for eXtra.cz.

As for the choice of names, Eva and her husband are clear. “90% of the time we agreed on names. Because the surname will be Hecko, it is short and you can combine both Czech and foreign names. We have three tips, but I would not like to reveal them yet,” the moderator smiled.

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