Eurovision 2022. Ukrainian jury justifies itself for zero points to Poland

Ukrainians raised a whole wave of rebellion on the Web.

The Ukrainian jury justifies itself for zero points for the Polish contestant OCHMAN at Eurovision 2022. Since people raised a real rebellion in social networks against the national jury from Ukraine, they decided to explain this curiosity.

The Ukrainian jury consisted of five members – Vadim Lisitsa (chairman of the commission), Andriy Kapral, Iryna Fedyshyn, Andriy Yatskiv and Lukyan Galkin.

According to Vadim Lisitsa, the voting process took place under the close attention of a lawyer, and all members of the commission were familiarized with the rules of voting. After the start of a wave of hate from Ukrainians, the head of the national jury closed his Facebook profile.

“Not a single member of the jury, and even more so the presiding judge, had any opportunity to influence each other’s decision. Therefore, Poland and other countries received the marks that they deserved in the opinion of each of the judges. No one received payment for this. No preferences or other incentives were given to anyone didn’t have,” noted in the social network Vadim Lisitsa.

According to the man, he is ready to take full responsibility for the misunderstanding.

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Singer Irina Fedyshyn, who was also a member of the jury, despite the ban, published her voting form, on which she gave Poland 10 points. For this, the artist can be fined.

Irina Fedyshyn published her voting form

“Because, despite the fact that Eurovision is still a seemingly apolitical contest, it’s hard to step back when there is a war in your country and Poland extends a helping hand to you most of all. When I saw such results, it was a shock for me too,” — said the artist.

Ukrainian and Polish representatives at Eurovision 2022 sang the winning song

Meanwhile, Poland gave Ukraine the maximum 12 points, as did Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova and Romania.

After an unfortunate situation for many Ukrainians, they, in addition to the hatred of the national jury, went into comments to the Polish representative and began to apologize for zero points.

“Poland! Great performance! Our voices for you are from Ukraine!”, “My vote is for you! Sorry for our jury,” the Ukrainians write.

Ukrainians staged a flash mob under the publications of the Polish representative

Recall that Ukraine with a record 631 points won Eurovision 2022 with the song “Stefania”.

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