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The European Union (EU) agreed that by 2024 all cell phones and other mobile devices will need to use a USB Type-C charger, which will take a special impact on Apple products, since lthe phones iPhone and some tablets iPad they will have to stop using their dedicated charging port.

The new regulation will eventually also apply to laptops and was agreed by Council and the European Parliament.

Devices already existing before the entry into force will be exempt from complying with this measure.

Given this fact, Apple told him that he had no comment to make at the moment, but was against the proposal. It should be remembered that this company is the largest manufacturer that uses an exclusive charging port, called Lightning for some of your devices like the iPhone.

Meanwhile, the devices Android use charging ports USB-C y micro-USB, pBut the new European standard is intended to include all the “small and medium portable electronics”, which includes Cell phones, tablets, headsets, handheld game consoles, and portable speakers.

Any of these that are charged with a cable must have a USB Type-C portregardless of who makes the devices and includes a plan so that clients choose whether or not you want a cable to charge your new electronic devices.

“This law is part of a broader effort by the European Union to make products in the EU more sustainable, reduce e-waste and make life easier for consumers,” the EU statement describes.

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