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Europe: PSG will be the last French representative in the European Cup

After Lille’s elimination against Ajax Amsterdam in the Europa League, PSG will therefore be the last French representative in the European Cup this season.


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It is an inexperienced team from Lille which has just fallen this evening during the round of 16 of the Europa League. Faced with Ajax Amsterdam, not really flamboyant but terribly effective, Christophe Galtier’s players again lost 2-1, this time on the lawn of the Dutch Champion. There is therefore only one club left to defend the French chances, Paris Saint-Germain. The Parisian club has the heavy task of raising the UEFA coefficient of France and getting as close as possible to Portugal in the annual ranking of the season.

It will not be easy, by counting the matches of PSG of the total of French clubs in the European Cup this season, the observation is not very bright. Out of 26 matches played during the group stage, there are only 5 French victories and 3 draws, for 18 defeats. On its own, PSG is doing as well as Lille, Rennes and Marseille combined. He does better than Marseille, Rennes, Reims and Nice combined … PSG have brought back 44.7% of France’s UEFA points this season. To best help France this season, PSG will have to do better than Porto and hope that the Portuguese are eliminated without winning a match. Benfica were eliminated by Arsenal, Braga by AS Roma. With these two more clubs, it would have been impossible for PSG to save the Fatherland. On a simple projection, PSG would have to win its second leg of the round of 16, then the two quarter-final matches but also its two semi-final matches for France to finally overtake Portugal in the current season. All with the elimination of Porto against Juventus in the second leg of the round of 16!

In the meantime, France finds itself 8th nation in the current season, with 7.083 points. It is preceded by the Netherlands (8,000 points), Scotland (8,250 points) and Portugal (9,000 points). France is still losing its lead in the general classification of nations, established over the last 5 seasons of reference and still remains 5th. But on the projections of the following seasons, it will start to get complicated.

General classification of nations:

1. Spain 93.855 points (6/7)
2. England 93.140 points (6/7)
3. Italy 73.438 points (5/7)
4.Germany 72.570 points (4/7)
5. France 55,248 points (1/6)
6. Portugal 47,949 points (1/5)
7. Russia 38.382 points
8. Netherlands 38,000 points (1/5)
9. Belgium 36,500 points
10. Austria 35.825 points

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