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Establishes a school for Ukrainian refugee children in Estonia

Representatives of the Tallinn City Council informed that children will initially be offered art, music and sports activities to help them get used to the new conditions. In the next school year, the school will work in the same way as other educational institutions and will offer studies in accordance with the program approved in Estonia.

The school will operate as a branch of the gymnasium and will be located in a building owned by Tallinn University. This school year, the institution will be able to admit about 200 children, and from the autumn – three times more students.

To date, about 2,100 applications have been received from Ukrainian refugees for places in Tallinn schools, and this number is growing every day. But, of course, Ukrainian schools are also admitted to other schools in the Estonian capital.


February 24, 2022 Russia invadesin Ukraine. Negotiations between the two countries have so far failed, and the French presidential administration announced on March 12 that Russian President Vladimir Putin now appears to be does not show any desire to end the war in Ukraine.

Following the talks in Istanbul on March 29, Russia claimedka decreases warfare in the vicinity of Kiev, and allowed the possibility of a meeting between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, however In the West, these promises are viewed with caution.

Russia’s action has paid off sharp condemnation from a democratic world. Western countries have determined sanctions though against Russiathough against Belarussupporting the Kremlin’s decision to attack Ukraine. More and more foreign companies are boycotting Russia and suspending their operations in that country.

A live text archive of Russia’s attack on Ukraine is available here.

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