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Ernesto Bustamante: the twists and turns of his position on the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine | Elections 2021 | Keiko Fujimori | Popular Force | ELECTIONS-2021

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The former head of the National Institute of Health (INS) and current candidate of Fuerza Popular to Congress, Ernesto Bustamante, has had different positions on one of the vaccines of the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm, which are in phase III of clinical studies in Peru. For example, last Friday, in the program “Beto to know” on Willax TV, he said that doctors, who have already received the doses of this drug against COVID-19, must be vaccinated again “with a vaccine that is firm ”.

“I think the government owes you an apology [a los médicos de la primera línea], the Cayetano Heredia University owes you an apology, and what you have to do is tell them to continue protecting themselves and then vaccinate them with a vaccine that is firm, that is 90% effective and there is a range of possibilities “, he referred.

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Bustamante – who also directs the Health program in the Fuerza Popular government plan – said the results of a preliminary report that were revealed on Friday “They are unacceptable” and considered that this vaccine “Equals distilled water”, without specifying which of the two vaccines he was referring to, if the one developed from the Beijing virus or the Wuhan virus.

Even the biologist could not detail which of these two vaccines Peru acquired.

As reported by Willax TV, the results of the clinical trial of the coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) developed by the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm in Peru would have yielded an efficacy of 33.3% in the case of the Wuhan virus and 11.5% for the Beijing virus.

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Nevertheless, the Fujimori candidate for Parliament specified on Sunday that they interpreted the data the other way around. In other words, the vaccine developed from the Beijing virus has 33.3% efficiency with respect to positive PCR tests, and that of Wuhan 11.5%. And it must be said that vaccines do not prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but rather that a serious picture is reached.

Bustamante also mentioned an aspect that he did not say on Willax TV, the preliminary study indicates that the Beijing vaccine is 62.9% effective in patients with low oxygen saturation, below 93%.

As reported by “Fourth Estate”, the preliminary study indicates that 63.8% do not present abnormalities in the chest tomography, when ruling out pneumonia. Y It is 91% effective in cases that do not require hospitalization.

The Popular Force candidate for Parliament, after specifying his first appearance on television, where he said that the vaccine “It does not serve in any of its aspects”, now he pointed out in “Panorama” that vaccination should not be suspended, but only clinical trials referring to the Wuhan vaccine, which, according to the preliminary study, registers less efficacy.

When asked whether he would not be vaccinated with the Beijing dose, Bustamante replied: “If there is no other remedy, I would vaccinate with that one, because it is the one there”.

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