Episode 7 of the founder series Othman, translated “Thrilling Events”, on Turkish ATV channel

The seventh episode of the Resurrection Osman series, translated as this series is the most watched in the Arab world because of this mysterious series and many secrets that this series holds, so the founder Osman tries to reveal those secrets through the episodes of the series that is shown on Wednesday of each week on the Turkish ATV channel, However, the broadcast of the seventh episode of Uthman’s residency was postponed on Wednesday due to the New Year’s celebrations that were held in all countries.

The seventh episode of the Resurrection Osman series, localized

The events of the Resurrection of Uthman series, which is the youngest coffee of Ertugrul who was fighting the Mongols and the Crusaders, trying to victory the truth and Islam, revolve around the path of his father, trying to get rid of the Mongols and their repeated machinations against him and the hoaxes. Thrilling events in this episode revolve around the one who saved the founder Othman The most recent ones will be covered with you today and through this article.

The founder Othman and the latest episode seven

The founder Uthman and the seventh episode witness a conflict and disagreements between Uthman and his uncle Andwar over the ruling, so his uncle made a trap to trace the founder Uthman and kill him and kidnapped and tortured Sofia as a way to pressure Uthman all of these events and more, we will deal with it today in more detail through your guide home.

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