Ensuring Food Safety for College Entrance Exam: Municipal Market Supervision Bureau Supervises Catering Services

The college entrance examination is an important moment in the life of every student.Today is the first day of the college entrance examination, and the supervisors of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureautest center andschool board and lodgingThe back kitchen conducts on-site supervisionProtect the food safety of more than 5,800 examinees in the city.Supervisors have been mobilized19 people, more than 100 batches of quick inspections, and full station guarantee for 6 candidates’ school board and lodging sites and 4 test sites in the city.

The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau intervened in advance,Formulated the “Food Safety Guarantee Plan for Catering Services in Yuyao High School Entrance Examination”, conducted a pre-examination pre-examination inspection of all school cafeteria catering units, campus food stores, and surrounding food business units, focusing on checking whether the facilities are normal, whether the environment is clean, and whether the employees are Whether you have a certificate to work, whether the purchase inspection is standardized, whether the certificates and tickets and account records are complete, whether the disinfection of tableware is in place, whether the food samples are standardized, etc., and carried out menu pre-review and rapid detection of vegetable pesticide residues to ensure that the supply Meal ingredients are safe and reliable.

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At the same time, yesThe person in charge of the school canteen and the practitioners of the catering unit of the college entrance examination test site will strengthen training, adopt a combination of centralized training and on-site guidance, further strengthen the food safety management requirements of the school canteen, implement the main responsibility of the school, and clarify the specific standard operation of food safety. And pointedly put forward food safety requirements for catering services during the college entrance examination, and signed the “Letter of Commitment to Food Safety Responsibility for Major Events” with various units.

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Next, the regulators of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau will continue to strengthen administrative functions, refine regulatory standards, and adhere to “all-round, whole-process, whole-hearted, and full-coverage”Make every effort to ensure the food safety of catering services during the college entrance examination.

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