energy saving and forced walking accessibility

Public lighting

The modernization of public lighting, now equipped with low-consumption LEDs, continues in the city center and on the banks of the Moselle, with the aim of reducing the energy bill by 75%. Cost of the operation: 500,000 euros.


In 2022, the Robert-Desnos kindergarten and elementary school was completely insulated from the outside for an investment of €145,000. The renovation of the courtyard (delivered on All Saints’ Day) is also on the program (€44,000).

At Les Coquelicots, a patio is being fitted out at the elementary school (€52,000), and the floors have been redone in the games room and the circulation areas of the kindergarten (€36,000).

The pupils of the Victor-Hugo nursery school will be warm this winter, thanks to the replacement of the exterior joinery (€184,000).

Repair of paintings and floors in two classrooms at the Jean-Jacques-Rousseau kindergarten (€22,000), and repair of the floor of the games room at the Jacques-Prévert kindergarten (€14,700).

Sports and cultural facilities

At the Jean-Pierre-Adams gymnasium, two changing rooms and accessibility works were carried out for an amount of €146,000. Renovation of the electricity in the changing rooms at the Jeanne-d’Arc stadium (€34,000) and the acoustic improvement of two recording studios at the Espace Raymond-Queneau (€40,000) are in progress.

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