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Emotional Farewell to Physiotherapist Bladimir Regalado Castillo: Last Goodbye to “El Hermano Bla or NBA”

In an emotional ceremony in the center of the Gran Arena del Cibao, dozens of athletes said their last goodbye to physiotherapist Bladimir Regalado Castillo “El Hermano Bla or NBA” who died of a heart attack when he returned to the country last Tuesday, after his participation with the national basketball team, in Manila, Philippines.

The president of the Metros de Santiago team in the National Basketball League, Mícalo Bermúdez, highlighted the qualities of “Brother Bla or NBA” expressing his humility with great qualities as a human being, who conquered the hearts of everyone who knew him, those who worked with him in a dressing room, on the field and he also won the hearts of even the opposing teams.

Mícalo Bermúdez highlighted his commitment, loyalty, which also brought joy and motivation to the players when they needed it most, as well as his prayers to strengthen the spirits of those who needed it.

In addition, the president of Metros said that “El Hermano Bla or NBA” is a source of pride for the city because coming from a humble sector of the city and being part of the most successful national basketball team in a World Cup, being a fundamental part in the players is a privilege

“We proudly see how Fedombal and Fiba have expressed their pain over the departure of our brother Bladimir and it is a pride for us to have shared for so many years, and to know as a life experience, and how a humble man won the hearts of “Everyone,” Mícalo Bermúdez said through tears.

While José Luis Aracena, president of Abasaca, speaking next to Bladimir Regalado Castillo’s mother, he expressed his pain since he lived with him for more than a month during his stay in the national team and his journey through different countries until arriving in Manila, Philippines.

Both players from the Metros team and the Superior basketball teams, team leaders, players from teams in minor categories, fans and members of the Abasaca executive committee, among others, performed guard of honor.

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The remains of Bladimir Castillo were transferred from the Cibao Arena to the Nani Marrero multipurpose facility in Ensanche Bermúdez and in that same community they were exposed on eleventh street where he lived and also always expressed his pride, and finally he was buried in the municipal cemetery of on March 30 of this city of Santiago.

Mícalo Bermúdez speaks during the funeral ceremony.external source

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