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Emergenciologists: first line of support for the patient with COVID-19

Eduardo Najar
Latin News Agency for Medicine and Public Health

The work done in an emergency room is constant and varies according to the patient’s complications, medical preparation is important for good care

Doctors are constantly preparing themselves to be able to provide an effective, fast and accurate health service for those who come to an emergency room. In dialogue with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, Dr. Gerald Marín emergenciologist and former president of the College of Emergency Physicians of Puerto Rico, clarifies how a specialist has to prepare to serve a patient with COVID-19, what other diagnostic methods are They can implement due to a shortage of tests in Puerto Rico, what care is like in an emergency room and finally the role of the doctor to help those patients who cannot receive information about their health status in the shortest possible time.

“The care for patients who are potentially carriers of the new coronavirus is very complex, everything must start with the structure that a hospital has, I mean the basics they would have to have and assure the professionals who work in said institution of their safety, In order for everyone to feel confident in treating these patients, the talent, virtues or skills that are needed to care for these patients are already known and known, but it is necessary to have the confidence to carry out procedures with which You already have it, you must also have specialized areas to serve these people, adequate personal protective equipment, and it is very important to train staff so that they are aware of the protocols and tools they have to deal with an emergency, ”explained the emergency radiologist

The prevailing medical preparation for patient care COVID

It is very important that doctors and health officials know how to treat a patient who comes to an emergency room with the symptoms of the new coronavirus, that is why the knowledge of how to intubate, how to carry out a primary check-up are essential. , in order to even save a life.

“It is important that a doctor knows how to attend respiratory emergencies in an adequate and fast way, many patients who go to health institutions find themselves in an extreme and chronic state, where it is necessary to be intubated or referred to intensive care and are patients that they must be attended to as quickly as possible, in addition, the care that one as a doctor must have to protect himself is very important, to put on all the equipment one takes about 10 minutes and there are patients who cannot wait that time, so it is important think and act fast “said the doctor


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The emergency physician as a psychological support for the patient

Due to the paucity of tests for COVID-19 and the dependence of various entities in Puerto Rico on receiving them by the United States, many of the patients who are in health institutions cannot have a rapid result of their Therefore, even if they suffer from all the symptoms, and other tools such as radiology are used to know the damage they have to their airways, the only method that can confirm the presence of the virus is tests. This is why many patients can present some psychological disorders, due to the uncertainty of waiting.

“It is important that the medical assistance body sows a feeling of empathy with the patient, as it is normal for them to feel uncertain, as they do not know an exact diagnosis for COVID, uncertainty is what kills the lack of education, seeing what happens is what that generates a state of concern. Having the result is a relief, but thinking or believing that you have the virus can destabilize a person, it is necessary to instruct the patient what to expect, be aware of him or her, follow their symptoms and let them know that they develop like this and is waiting for a test, they will attend to you and help you ”.

The work carried out by doctors in an emergency room is very important, since they are the ones who initially attend to a patient regardless of the reason for which they have attended, their preparation and disposition are essential to continue saving lives.

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