Elon Musk is in control in Poland as in the West. Poles are crazy about Tesla. What has it come to ?!

Many people in Poland laugh that electric cars will not be adopted quickly here. However, some may be a bit surprised, because the effectiveness with which Elon Musk acquires clients is appalling. It turns out that Tesla has sold out all the most popular models, including the all-new SUV.

Tesla? Please join the queue

As noted by elektroz.pl, in September and October it is not possible to purchase the Tesla Model 3 Long Range (range 614 km). You can also forget about the new SUV, Tesla Model Y. Vehicles flowing from the factory in Shanghai already have their owners. With the help of the Polish representative office, only the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus can be picked up this month. This is the only car that Elon Musk offers in Poland for less than 200,000. zloty. Of course, this is mainly due to the battery with a range of 448 km (WLTP).

The Long Range and Performance versions (3.3 seconds to 100 km / h) will have to wait until December. Earlier, in November, you can still book a Tesla Model Y, which was to make its debut in Europe only after the factory near Berlin was launched. However, the demand is so great that the first copies are coming from China, and only the number of buyers is increasing. Other versions, such as the Tesla Model X or the 1020-horsepower Tesla Model S Plaid (2.1 seconds to 100 km / h), require patience until mid-2022. These are, of course, estimates that are subject to change.

Elon Musk is just getting started

As you can see, even in Poland, Elon Musk can count on empty warehouses. It is beginning to be seen slowly on our roads, because from time to time you can spot a Tesla Model 3 on the highways. It is becoming less and less exotic, and if it were not for the global problems with chips, there would be more copies. The availability will certainly improve when the Gigafactory Berlin factory in Gruenheide is finally launched, but, as Elektroz.pl notes, it does not have to translate into lower prices. The expected launch of the 4680 Cylindrical Battery Packs will make ranges increase with prices. Perhaps not drastically, because Elon Musk announced that the 4680 cells would significantly reduce production costs.


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