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Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ensures Safe Return of Citizens from Sudan

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, on Friday, regarding the conditions of Egyptian citizens in Sudan and their return to the country.

In its statement, the Foreign Ministry said: “Within the framework of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ follow-up on the conditions of Egyptians in Sudan, and making every effort to ensure the highest levels of safety for them, the office of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Wadi Halfa is in continuous contact with the Sudanese authorities to facilitate the return of Egyptian citizens through the Sudanese land crossings without obstacles.”

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry indicated that it continues through its missions in Khartoum, Port Sudan and Wadi Halfa to make all efforts and make the necessary contacts to follow up on the conditions of the Egyptian community in Sudan during the crisis and to deal quickly and effectively with it according to developments.

With the outbreak of the Sudanese crisis, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed that it is following up around the clock the situation of Egyptian citizens residing in Sudan.

10 thousand Egyptians, including 5 thousand students

The Ministry of Immigration and Affairs of Egyptians Abroad announced that it is closely following developments in the situation in Sudan, according to developments taking place in the country, “as a result of its interest in all communities, especially Egyptian students abroad.”

Soha Gendi, Minister of Immigration, said that Egyptian students are mostly located in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Preliminary estimates indicate that the number of Egyptians in Sudan is around 10,000 and the number of students is around 5,000, explaining that there is no accurate enumeration of numbers because most Egyptians do not register their data upon arrival.

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