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Effective Methods for Teaching Vocabulary and Reading to Students


2.1 Have students play games about vocabulary. Such as finding words from the given letter grid, giving hints, matching pictures and words.

– 2.2 Do exercises about vocabulary. Both forms choose the correct one. and filling in missing letters

– 2.3 Give advice to students about time allocation by allocating time from playing games to memorizing vocabulary at least 5 words per day.

The result

The students cooperated and had fun doing the activities in items 2.1 and 2.2, but there were students who did not complete item 2.3. Because the students were addicted to playing games, the students could only remember vocabulary that was frequently used during tutoring.

3.) Students cannot read or write.


– 3.1 Compare the letters and vowels between Thai and English on the board and have students practice reading aloud together one word at a time. Starting with familiar words such as ant / cat / rat /

– 3.2 . Have students suggest English vocabulary from food, items, and places that students are familiar with and like. Then help each other write and read those words aloud together.

– 3.3 Have students do the activity by selecting words from the flashcards and writing them to match the given pictures. Then together spell and read aloud.

The result

Students understand the principles of spelling at a certain level, thus gradually being able to read and write more. The important thing is to have a good attitude towards English.

In addition to the above mentioned methods of action. Important factors that help students have a positive attitude towards English. and success in studying are parents Students who come to study special education receive good support from their parents. By looking at body language and attentiveness when picking up and dropping off. And there were calls to inquire about the students’ studies.

This article is just a small perspective from one tutor in a rural area. Hopefully it will be useful to you, the reader, more or less. Hello.

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