Editorial: so be it

Ln March 10, 2023, the Council of Ministers ordered the Soroubat-BF/Soroubat-CI group of companies to take over the work on the entire 42 km section linking Sakoinsé and Koudougou.

On March 20, the General Management of Soroubat contacted the ministry in charge of infrastructure and undertook to resume work. The two parties have therefore decided to seal a gentleman’s agreement. The necessary work will therefore be resumed. There will therefore be no impunity on this site, as what the actors of the sector showed to the Burkinabè until then. Soroubat, measuring the consequences of a useless showdown (she didn’t have to drink alone), took responsibility and it is to her credit.

In doing so, the government and the Soroubat group of companies have just created a happy precedent in terms of the application of contractual clauses, in particular, article 39 of the General Administrative Clauses Book (CCAG). The sword of Damocles now hangs over the heads of all recipients of public infrastructure contracts, hoping that this will reduce corruption and bribe in public procurement procedures. Because corruption guarantees impunity in the event of non-execution or poor workmanship.

Par Abdoulaye TAO

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