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Edition Thionville – Hayange | La Poste is reducing its activity: what about Thionville?

To continue to carry out its essential missions and public service, La Poste has announced that it will adapt its organization to changes in the health situation.

Mail delivery: four then three rounds per week

Mail and small parcels will be distributed over four days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) this week and then over three (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) from the week of March 30.

Why ? In order to gradually reduce the working time of employees in order to preserve them and maintain a viable organization of one in two.

It is also recommended not to come in front of postal workers without respecting barrier gestures.

Priority to personal services

The daily activities of carrying meals and medicines are maintained as well as the social bonding services (Watch over my parents, Cohesio, Ardoiz, etc.) which remain a priority since they concern a fragile and isolated public.

Post offices open under conditions

Only 1,600 of the 6,500 sites that cover French territory will be opened in order to limit the exposure of agents and customers. These openings are subject to strict compliance with the barrier measures. “The truth of a day is not necessarily that of the next day,” said the spokesman for the Post Office Grand Est. It depends on the sanitary conditions. “

A security guard now controls access to post offices where only “strictly necessary” travel is authorized. This concerns the sending and withdrawal of urgent mail, the withdrawal and deposit of cash, the issue and payment of money orders in particular. The schedules will be adapted “day by day”.

On Tuesday, the post offices in Thionville, Yutz and Hayange were open and should be open the following days if “all the conditions necessary for the protection of account managers and customers are met”.

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