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Edition Thionville – Hayange | € 570,000 and three months of work to secure the crossroads

For Jean-Luc Niedercorn, mayor of Kirschnaumen, this is a great relief. “Regularly, we were faced with clashes, there was also in August 2018 a serious accident, a car had been cut in half. More recently, on September 28, 2019, a young 20-year-old woman lost her life. “

Reputed to be accident-causing, the crossroads between Kerling-lès-Sierck and Waldwisse located on the RD 855 and the crossroads between Kirschnaumen and Montenach on the RD 956 will soon no longer exist. A roundabout will be created. “We’ve been talking about it for two years. Work was scheduled for June. They will start on Tuesday 2 and will continue for three months ”, details Jean-Luc Niedercorn.

Regarding the circumstances of the accidents, the elected official does not prefer to expand on the subject. “Is it due to the configuration of the roads? At speed? To this beautiful straight line? The causes are multiple but the observation is there. For years, there have been too many collisions there and I am delighted that the Department has recognized the danger. “

Work begins this Tuesday, June 2

The roundabout will have a radius of 25 m and its construction will be carried out in three stages. In June, work will start on the Kirschnaumen side and a detour will be set up by Halstroff and Laumesfeld. In July, the section leading to Montenach will be cut. In August, traffic will alternate on all the axes concerned.

Cost of production: € 570,000, largely funded by the Department. “The municipality of Kirschnaumen has unanimously agreed to participate within its means. It is hoped that this arrangement will resolve the problem. This route is very popular with trucks going to Germany, workers going to Luxembourg or to Bouzonville and Thionville. There will be some inconvenience during the work, we are aware of that, “but if it can save lives …

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