Echo Country: Obscene Scenes A famous star makes a fuss with this actor

Turkish superstar Perrin Sat raised a lot of controversy over the social media recently, because of her scandalous scenes with Turkish actor Metin Akdulger, in one of the artworks.

And Beren Saat, the heroine of the series “Forbidden Love”, appeared as she performed an intimate scene with Metin Akdulger, and the controversy about it renewed after the bold pictures that were published last week, and spread widely.

This comes after the public launched a major attack on the Turkish star Beren Sat, after publishing a bold image of her through her official account on the site “Instagram”, a cover for one of the dialogues that she had recently.

Young star Perrin Sat received many criticisms and negative comments on the photo she posted, however she did not retract or delete it but rather continued to post more other photos.

It is noteworthy that Beren Saat is a Turkish actress, born and raised in Ankara, and drew the attention of Tomrice Giretlioglu as she is ranked second in the Turkish Stars Contest, which she joined during her enrollment in the University of Baskent. Thus began her artistic career in the world of professional acting.

While the most prominent work of Beren Sat was the series: “Forbidden Love”, which was a great success in the whole Arab world.

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