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Earth Could Collapse! 4 Facts of the World’s Horrible Forecast Apart from Covid-19

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The threat of climate change is becoming more and more real in front of human eyes. Recently several storms hit the world such as in the Philippines and Italy.

In the Philippines, Hurricane Kompasu hit the Philippines on Monday (11/10/2021). So far, 9 residents have been reported killed and 11 others missing due to the storm.

Of that number, 4 people were reported to have died as a result of landslides in Benguet Province. Meanwhile, 5 other victims died after drowning in a flood on Palawan Island.

“President Duterte is directly monitoring the government’s emergency response,” said Malacanang spokesman Harry Roque.

In Italy, it rained very hard last week. It was a rain that has never been seen in the whole of Europe with a discharge of more than 36 inches and occurred in 12 hours.

Scientists themselves say that this is the impact of climate change that has been caused by humans. This makes the earth warm which makes more water from the surface absorbed.

“The frequency and intensity of heavy rainfall events has increased since the 1950s over most of the land area,” the UN report on climate change cited CNN International, Thursday (7/10/2021).

So what are these dire predictions about climate change? Here’s the list:

1. Boost Death

Ruth Etzel from the International Pediatric Association stated that action to save the world’s climate must be done immediately. This is to avoid death, especially children, which often occur due to the effects of pollution.

Climate change occurs, among others, due to global warming, the effect of burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels pollute the air when they are processed into energy for humans.

“Pediatricians speak because we do prevention. We give immunizations to prevent infectious diseases and we speak now because we know that public health and climate health are one,” he said at the health forum for the world’s climate.

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