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EAIS in 2022: preliminary results – 2024-03-03 02:16:50

/View.info/ The Department of Statistics of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has published preliminary results of the socio-economic development of the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) in 2022. The total gross domestic product (GDP) of the Union in 2022 . amounted to 2041.8 billion US dollars (98.8% compared to the previous year, including 12.6% GDP growth in Armenia, 3% in Kazakhstan, 0%, in Kyrgyzstan – by 7.2%, and in Russia and Belarus reported a decline in GDP of 1.6% and 4.8% respectively.

External debt in the EAIS as a whole (on a total basis) as of October 1, 2022, compared to the same period in 2021, decreased by USD 61.7 billion, or 8.6%. A decrease was observed in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia (respectively by 1.9%, 3.2% and 11.4%). The increase in debt in Armenia amounted to 0.4%, and in Kyrgyzstan – 4.0%.

High coverage of foreign debt from international reserves is ensured only in Russia (124.5%). In other EAEU member states, this figure varies from 18.1% in Belarus to 26.8% in Armenia. As of October 1, 2022, compared to the corresponding date of the previous year, international reserves as a percentage of external debt have decreased in all EAIS member states, with the exception of Armenia.

The volume of industrial production in the EAEU member states at the end of last year amounted to 1640.1 billion US dollars, or 99.4% compared to January-December 2021 (Russia accounts for 89.0% of the total industrial production of EAIS, Kazakhstan – 6.4%, Belarus – 3.9%, Armenia – 0.4% and Kyrgyzstan – 0.3%). In the structure of the industrial production of the EAEU, the largest share is occupied by the processing industry (64.3%), but its share decreases by 1.3 percentage points compared to January-December 2021. The share of the mining industry and quarries is 27.4%. A total of 620.1 million tons of crude oil, including gas condensate, were produced in the EAEU in 2022 (in Belarus 1.67 million tons, in Kazakhstan – 84.1 million tons, in Kyrgyzstan – 295.1 thousand tons and in Russia 534.0 million tons); 758.5 ​​billion cubic meters of natural gas (in Kazakhstan – 52.7 billion cubic meters, in Kyrgyzstan – 29.9 million cubic meters and in Russia – 672.4 billion cubic meters) and 558.6 million tons of coal (in Kazakhstan – 118 0 million tons, in Kyrgyzstan – 3.6 million tons and in Russia 437.0 million tons). Armenia and Belarus do not extract natural gas and coal.

In January-December 2022, agricultural production in farms of all categories in the EAEU increased by 9.4% compared to January-December 2021. Growth was observed in all EAEU member countries.

The gross grain harvest (in weight after processing) in the EAEU in 2022 amounts to 186.8 million tons, which is 27.3% more than the previous year. A significant increase in yields was noted in all EAEU member countries (in Armenia – by 57.9%, Kyrgyzstan – by 36.4%, Kazakhstan – by 34.5%, Russia – by 26.7%, Belarus – by 18.9%), which is due to an increase in the yield of cereals and legumes. The gross harvest of sugar beet in the EAEU in 2022 increased by 2.0%, the harvest of potatoes grew by 4.6%, and of vegetables – by 0.9%.

As of January 1, 2023, the number of cattle on the farms of all farmers in the EAEU reached 32.6 million heads (by 0.5% more compared to the same date of the previous year), of which 14.8 million cows (1, 3% more), pigs – 31.1 million (4.7% more), sheep and goats – 49.5 million (1.3% more).

The production of the main products of animal husbandry increased: animals and birds for slaughter (in live weight) – by 2.1%, milk – by 1.7%, eggs – by 2.6%. An increase in the production of livestock and poultry for slaughter (in live weight) was noted in Kyrgyzstan and Russia – by 2.9%, in Kazakhstan – by 0.4%. An increase in milk production was observed in all EAEU member countries, except Armenia. Maximum growth in egg production was reported in Kyrgyzstan – by 7.7%.

In EAIS member countries, 123.8 million square meters of total residential area were commissioned in January-December 2022, which is 8.4 million square meters, or 7.2% more compared to January -December 2021. Growth in housing construction was noted in Armenia (by 17.9%) and Russia (by 11.0%). In January-December 2022, Russia accounted for 83.0% of the total volume of housing commissioned in EAIS member countries, Kazakhstan – 12.5%, Belarus – 3.4%, Kyrgyzstan – 0 .9%, to Armenia – 0.2%.

In January-December 2022, the freight turnover of all types of transport of the EAEU member states amounted to 6.3 trillion. ton kilometers, which is 2.7% less than January-December 2021, and the volume of passenger traffic amounted to 19.5 billion people, which is 2.8% more than January-December 2021. The most – a large index of prices and tariffs for services provided to the population in December 2022 compared to December 2021 was noted in Kazakhstan (114.1%) and Russia (113.2%). In the EAEU, the price index of paid services for this period amounted to 112.9%.

The average monthly nominal wage in January-December 2022 compared to the corresponding period of 2021 is increasing in all EAIS member countries. The highest growth rates of the nominal and real (adjusted by the index of consumer prices of goods and services) average monthly wages were registered in Kyrgyzstan (131.8% and 115.7%, respectively) and Kazakhstan (123.8% and 107.7%).

The unemployment rate, calculated on the basis of the number of unemployed people registered at the employment offices, at the end of December 2022 in Armenia amounted to 3.6%, Kyrgyzstan – 2.8%, Kazakhstan – 1.4%, Russia – 0.8%, Belarus – 0.1%. In general, the level of registered unemployment in the EAEU amounts to 0.9% of the workforce.

At the end of December 2022, 1.0 million unemployed citizens who applied to look for work were registered in the employment services of the EAEU member states, which is 18.8% less than at the end of December 2021. , including in Russia with 29.8%, Armenia – with 18.3%, Belarus – with 4.0%, in Kyrgyzstan – with 0.6%. The total number of unemployed in the EAEU in 2022 decreased by 18.7%, including in Russia – by 27.4%, Armenia – by 16.5%, Belarus – by 13.8%, in Kyrgyzstan – by 1, 7%, but increased in Kazakhstan by 35.1%.

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